Region 6 tops eligibility exams in 1st semester of 2022

Eight examinees from Region 6 topped the different eligibility exams conducted by the Civil Service Commission in the 1st semester of 2022.

The CSC administered eight (8) eligibility examinations through pen and paper test from March to June of this year. The said eligibility exams include the Career Service Exam, Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) for Professional and Sub-professional levels conducted on March 13 and June 19; and the Fire Officer Exam (FOE), Penology Officer Exam (POE), Basic Competency on Local Treasury Exam (BCLTE), and CSE for Foreign Service Officer (CSE-FSO), all held on April 24.  

The topnotchers from Western Visayas are:

CSE-PPT Professional Level, March 13, 2022

  • Francis Benedict Bernas (Rank 2)
  • Iris Karn Magallanes (Rank 10)

CSE-PPT Sub-professional Level, March 13, 2022

  • Layra Marie Bactung (Rank 3)
  • Alevir Niño Nabor (Rank 4)

Penology Officer Exam, April 24, 2022

  • Jumel Gamboa (Rank 1)

Fire Officer Exam, April 24, 2022

  • Marjun Ibieza (Rank 9)

Basic Competency on Local Treasury Exam, April 24, 2022

  • Julie Anne Amistoso (Rank 3)
  • Arlette Karen Barrientos (Rank 6.5)
  • Leonard Servedad (Rank 8.5)

Another set of FOE, POE and BCLTE will be conducted by the CSC on October 23, 2022.