The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has extended the deadline for filing of applications for the Career Service Examination for Foreign Service Officer (CSE-FSO) up to June 24.
The CSC will administer the examination on Aug. 7 in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).
Interested applicants may submit their applications in person at the DFA Board of Foreign Service Examinations (BFSE), DFA Main Building in Pasay City; at any DFA Regional Consular Office/Satellite Office; or at the Philippine embassies or consulates.
Application fee is PHP500.
The CSE-FSO is both a qualifying test and an eligibility examination. As a qualifying test, it forms the first part of the five-part Foreign Service Officer Examination (FSOE) of the DFA. It is a requisite to be able to proceed to the succeeding parts of the FSOE: Preliminary Interview, Written Test, Psychological Test, and Oral Test, all administered by the DFA. The FSOE is administered by the DFA to recruit candidates for the Foreign Service Officer, Class IV position.
Moreover, as an eligibility examination, passers of the CSE-FSO shall be conferred the Career FSO Eligibility. This eligibility is comparable to a Career Service Professional Eligibility and is appropriate to first level (clerical) and second level (technical) positions in the government that do not involve practice of profession and are not covered by special laws.
For more details on admission qualifications, list of testing centers, and application requirements and procedure, visit the DFA Application form may also be downloaded from the website.
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