A total of 1,317 out of 8,031 examinees (16.4 percent) passed the Fire Officer Examination (FOE) conducted nationwide last March 13, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) reported.


Edgardo Siguan from National Capital Region (NCR) topped the list of FOE passers with a rating of 91.49, followed by Dan Romulo Caceres, 90.57 (NCR); Mark Anthony Maure, 89.89 (Central Luzon); Esequil Tabon, 89.20 (Southern Tagalog); Elizabeth Nabanalan, 89.20 (Cordillera Administrative Region or CAR); Oliver John Edward Oliverio, 88.74 (Caraga); Fred Mhar Bajet, 88.51 (Ilocos Region); Arvin Jay Laguna, 88.28 (Southern Tagalog); Sedfrey De Guzman, 88.28 (NCR); and Mark Anthony Manayan, 87.82 (Ilocos Region).

Another 207 out of 1,241 examinees (16.68 percent) passed the Penology Officer Examination (POE) also held on March 13 in various testing centers nationwide.

Allyne Stephanie Caceres (NCR), Madelyn Mas (Eastern Visayas) and Ma. Liezl Rosales (E. Visayas), all with an 89.49 rating, topped the list of POE passers. The rest of the top performers include Bhell Mendiola, 88.97 (E. Visayas); Niño Kabiling, 88.97 (C. Luzon); Angelie Clarisse Barrios, 88.21 (C. Luzon); Santiago Pagaddut Jr., 87.69 (CAR); Junn Quirk Espiritu, 87.69 (S. Tagalog); Jomer Casirayan, 87.18 (Cagayan Valley); and Daisy Castillote and John Albert Tupaz, 86.92 (E. Visayas).

The resulting Fire Officer Eligibility and the Penology Officer Eligibility are both second level eligibilities that are specific and appropriate for second level ranks in the fire protection and jail management and penology services, respectively, and other functionally related services. These eligibilities, however, are not appropriate for ranks under the Philippine National Police, the CSC clarified.

Examinees, both passed and failed, may generate their individual test result through the Online Civil Service Examination Results Generation System athttp://webapp.csc.gov.ph/CSE_Online/ beginning May 10, 2016.

Passers may claim their Certification of Eligibility from the CSC Regional Offices starting May 24, 2016. Requirements and procedures in claiming the Certification of Eligibility can be found in CSC Examination Advisory No. 06, s. 2016 posted at www.csc.gov.ph.

Considering the total number of passers nationwide, bulk of successful FOE examinees came from the Bicol Region, numbering 167 or 12.68 percent, while majority of POE passers, numbering 35 or 16.91 percent, came from NCR.

In terms of regional performance, Central Visayas had the highest percentage of FOE passers at 26.34 percent, or 103 passers out of 391 individuals who took the exam in that region. Similarly, Ilocos Region registered the highest passing rate for the POE at 42.86 percent or 12 out of 28 examinees.

The complete list of successful examinees of the March 13, 2016 FOE and POE may be accessed at www.csc.gov.ph.  # # #



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